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Please also review our COVID-19 page for player health & safety rules.

Club Rules

 Revised :3/17/14

Player Responsibilities

  • Help set up and put away the tables/nets/barriers. Two people are needed at all times to set up a table. Do not tip the tables on the legs.
    • Refer to the floor plan posted on the bulletin board or on the undersides of the tables. There are marks on the floor for the corner of the table to align with. The two tables along the wall should have the center of these tables in line with the barrier post. These tables do not require side skirts.
    • Fold-up and put away tables as soon as they are no longer needed. It requires a minimum of two people to put a table away to prevent breakage.
    • Seek help if you are not strong enough to set-up or put away the tables.
  • Keep the club clean by throwing your trash away. There is a trashcan near the water fountain.
  • Do not move into any court area during a point in play. When going to and from a table, use the suggested walk areas or stay near the barriers or wall, and walk quickly.
  • Use "ball please" or "let" to request assistance in retrieving balls that travel into other courts.
  • Provide assistance to others when their ball travels into your court.
  • Do not make loud or distracting noises.
  • Keep all belongings in a location out of the way of tripping and in your control.
    • WJTTC is not responsible for missing or lost items.
  • Unsportsman-like conduct will not be tolerated and may result in a request to leave the club. .
  • Individuals will be financially responsible for damage to the tables/nets/barriers.
  • Players play at their own risk.
  • Do not enter church area; we are allowed to use the Hall (including stage area and bathroom) only.

General Rules of Play

  • There will be a Waiting List board for nights when there are people waiting to play. Please attempt to sign up with someone near your playing ability.
  • When the Waiting List is in use, players will either:
    • Limit warm up to 2 minutes, then play a best 3 games of 5 match (11 point games)
    • OR practice a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • At the completion of a match, or after 20 minutes of practice:
    • Both players come off the table and the winner of the match should put his/her name in the first open spot on the Waiting List
    • The second player should sign up in a different playing pair.
    • The next two players on the list will then play on the vacated table.
    • Two players can choose to sign up together on the next available open pair and play after the people that have previously signed up.
  • If four players are waiting to play, doubles is suggested. If there are only 4 people total playing doubles, they should play two matches and follow the sign-up procedures. If there are 6 people playing doubles on the same table, these people should be able to continue on this table until there are only 4 playing. At that time they must follow the sign-up procedures. If the club is excessively busy, this may change.
  • Table #1 (farthest from the stage) will be a Challenge table. (Challenge Table rules below.)
  • Hours of operation are 7:30 to approximately 10:30 PM start your last game no later than 10:15.

Rules for Challenge Table

  • Only Table #1 will be a challenge table on all nights except while League Competition is under way.
  • The winner may elect to stay and play the next challenger.
  • For now, challengers must have a club or USATT rating of 1500 or higher.
  • Challengers put their paddle/case next to the table middle on the wall side. This determines the order of who challenges next (the paddle/case closest to the table is the next player up).
    • Challengers can estimate the wait time by the number of paddles ahead of them.
    • Remove your case once you start playing to avoid confusion.
  • Challengers CANNOT play or sign-up for the other tables while their paddle is waiting on the Challenge table.



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